CPCS Overview

Cross-Pollinate Consulting Solutions is a Denver, Colorado, based company that seeks to bring people and ideas together.  We work with non-profits, academic institutions, donors, and companies to help craft meaningful approaches to research, fundraising/development, program evaluation, and organizational capacity building.

Cross-Pollinate Consulting Solutions works to support initiatives aimed at improving communication for development, media systems, journalism in the public interest, and civil society efforts aimed at improving media and internet law and policies around the world.  We  welcome the opportunity to work in cooperation and collaboration with academics, civil society organizations and philanthropic efforts that focus on improving and understanding how media, communication, and information impacts society, governance, and accountability.  

Our work is premised on the understanding that different skill sets, backgrounds, and expertise is required to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time, especially when it comes to the evolving and ever-changing world of media and communications.   Cross-Pollinate Consulting Solutions has access to an international network of skilled academics and practitioners that can be called upon to help with research, proposal proposal writing, program evaluation, project assessments, advocacy, policy analysis, and capacity building efforts.

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