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Freedom of the Press Around the World

This article from Business Insider takes a look at and analyses Reporters Without Boarders‘ 2014 Freedom of the Press Index. Business Insider takes a look at the similarities between Press and Internet Freedom around the world, and discusses how Edward Snowden ended up in Russia, a country where Internet and Press Freedom is restricted.

Freedom of the Press Worldwide

Why having access to the internet is becoming a necessity and why this is a problem

Over the past decade, the internet has become a vital part of the way we live our lives, and its importance is only expected to grow. This article discusses the problems facing those who do not have access to the internet, why this is a disadvantage to them, and what we can do to solve the problem.

Offline and Falling Behind: Barriers to Internet Adoption

M&E Tech Conference dicusses how we can bridge the gap between hype and reality

This article from Learning Lab takes a look at lessons from the M&E Tech Conference held in Washington on September 25 and 26. Most of the points discuss issues with big data collection and ICTs, and how we need to bridge the gap between technological hype and success in implementing ideas.

Top 10 Takeaways from M&E Tech Conference

Coca-Cola Provides Internet Access for South Africans in a Creative and Unexpected Way

Coca-Cola has partnered with BT Global Services to turn vending machines in South Africa into WiFi hotspots. They hope to empower South Africans in rural and impoverished communities by helping them access information and education opportunities they would not have otherwise.

Coke Turns Vending Machines into WiFi Hotspots in Web-Starved South African Villages

Smartphone apps for scanning business cards

In the professional world, it is easy to find yourself with way too many business cards from co-workers, clients, and other associates. They can take up space, can be difficult to sort through, and are often lost. Luckily, there are several smartphone apps available for scanning and storing business cards so that you don’t have to worry about these problems ever again. This article from Computerworld tests and rates 7 business card apps available for you to use.

7 Business Card Apps for Smartphones: Scan ’em and Store ’em

Tech Change discusses pros and cons of web conferencing platforms

Web conferencing has become a popular way for businesses, schools, and individuals to hold meetings and keep in touch. In this article, Tech Change examines 9 popular web conferencing platforms and discusses their pros and cons based on pricing and features.

9 Web Conferencing Platforms for Education and Collaboration 2.0: What Should Your Organization Use?