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Steps to Social Media Success

    It has been just over ten years since Facebook was founded. Yes, only ten. To imagine the world without it today would be tantamount to imagining the world in 1990 without TV or telephone. Since its inception it has grown into the premier social media website with a rough estimate of 1.24 billion users. One seventh of the population has apparently logged on, posted, or liked something on Facebook. Now, let’s not quibble about Facebook’s present, or future status for that matter, as the reigning social media king. What is more important to keep in mind is that social media is here to stay and that social media is not only social but global.

Social media allows internationally interested organizations to reach out to previously impossible audiences. Social media is both inexpensive and effective. To recognized this is to recognize that social media can, and should be, approached in different ways. An international organization interested in international expansion would be well advised to embrace the medium of social media. We enter then into the realm of international public relations with the understanding that Google translate is not always a trustworthy intercultural companion.

I stumbled upon an article the other day which is a couple of years old but still relevant. In it he highlights key areas where the internationally interested organization, or individual, can improve upon their social media success. Highlights include; using regionally more popular social media platforms, such as Orkut in Latin America and Qzone in China, and learning not only linguistic differences but cultural differences to surface small social details otherwise potentially lost in translation. Here’s a link to the original article if interested: http://socialfresh.com/international-social-media/

F. Adam Bradbury

Graduate Candidate Intercultural and International Communication

University of Denver